10 piece Luxury Flat brush set

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Colorgurlz Make up Brush Set (10 piece, Black/Grey) 

  • This luxurious brush set is incredible, and it comes with everything you need to be the perfect make-up artist or lover.
  • Every brush you need on a daily basis is included in this 10-piece cosmetic brush set, displaying your beauty.
  • Brushes with high-density bristles are smoother and silkier, making it easier to pick up powder, and they don't shed or irritate your skin.
  • This brush set includes: Blush brush, (Medium) Size Blush Brush, Powder Brush, Foundation Brush, (Large) Concealer Brush, (Small) Concealer Brush, Small Fan Brush, Large Eye Shadow Brush, (Small) Eye Shadow Brush, (Small) Eye Shadow Brush, and Nose shadow Brush.
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