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Colorgurlz Lip Stains: 

  • Liquid Lip Stains: This highly pigmented liquid lipstick is a long-lasting, no-transfer formula that delivers a beautiful matte finish in a wide range of ultra saturated colors from classic red to nude to bold and vibrant. It's luxurious, water-resistant, and the colors are intensely pigmented, giving it a velvety sensation as you apply it to your lips. It's one of our most popular lipsticks, and it has a metallic glitter that adds a nice touch. It's a collection of lip stains that don't fade. This shade is a deep plum-like shade with a hint of glitter! It's lovely.


  • Easy to Apply: This lipstick has an arrow applicator for a more accurate application and a perfect matte finish that lasts up to 24 hours. 


  • Colorgurlz liquid formula makes lips feel lush and velvety, like a rose; the Colorgurlz liquid formula makes lips feel luxurious and velvety, like a rose; Even during meals, it lasts all day with only little touch-ups. 
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