Luxury Make up Sponge kit w/ Holder


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Whether you're putting on a full-face-of-makeup-everyday kind of person or someone who whips out a contour palette just once a year, a makeup sponge is a universal tool to have in your cosmetics bag—that is, if you care at all about a clean and smooth application.

“Makeup sponges help to blend in your makeup seamlessly without leaving streaks. “The foundation, concealer, blush, or highlighter you apply basically becomes one with your skin.” Nothing against makeup brushes or our trusty—read: clean—fingers, but there's no denying that makeup sponges can help you achieve complexion perfection fairly quickly.

This top-selling makeup sponges reduces product waste and has a stellar reputation for a streak-free application


This kit comes with 9 Luxury Make up sponges that serve a unique purpose. 

All 9 sponges 


Slanted teardrop

Flat teardrop

Olivia cut

pointy gourd

3 cut

Olivia 2 cut

tower shape